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A Two Tube transmitter

About 25 watts rms RF into a 50 ohm load. This has worked many stations and even overseas with a high dipole. Simple and economical for the occasional operator and takes one back quite a few years. Many love to make old time circuits and use them in a "Qrp" fashion, qrp meaning in morse code - low power.

After using my regenerative receiver in the 2001 AWA OT CW contest I felt the need to improve my universal 6L6 tube transmitter.. My number one priority was adding "spot" capability. I ended up building another transmitter. The basic transmitter is listed in the 1940/5th edition of the Stancor Hamanual as the Stancor 10P. I eliminated the AM modulator section, added a spotting switch between the oscillator and final stages and shunt fed the output coil/capacitor.

Construction was fairly straightforward and designed to match my receiver.